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 [27/05/12] SLEEP + A STORM OF LIGHT + HARVEY MILK @Antwerpen

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PostSubject: [27/05/12] SLEEP + A STORM OF LIGHT + HARVEY MILK @Antwerpen   22/5/2012, 21:28

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SLEEP (us)
Sleep… perhaps the ultimate mighty stoner doom metal band in the history of heavy music. Their sound influenced the evolution of metal, with Dopesmoker being the pinnacle of stoner metal. The love for classic metal (Black Sabbath, yes!), the colossal heaviness, the crushing, lethargic slowness, the sinister sound and the absolute killer riffs are all there. Sleep is the perfect sonic expression of stonedness. As they come up with a Riff, they erupt in solo's, vocals, drum parts and bass lines, what have you not, but basically the Riff stays the same. As guitar hero/Viking/unruly outlaw Matt Pike goes all the way with his characteristic emotive solo's, the Riff is being played by the bass and drums. Sleep found the Holy Grail, the still point, the core of the tornado, where music is absolute Zen and everything comes together in one point in space and time before being cast away in a frantic fuzzy storm. Listening to Sleep is like being completely alone in a smokey, riff-filled desert at night while crazy mythological figures and monsters haunt your mind. What more to say? Hell yeah!

Monolithic metal which takes sludge metal to higher levels, with a sound evoking a sense of deep sea water pressure to match the lyrical themes of drowning, destruction and despair. A heavy haunting drone meshes with brilliant riffs, suffocated vocals and subtle keyboard layers. featuring vocalist/guitarist Josh Graham (Neurosis, Battle of Mice, Blood and Time, Red Sparowes), bassist/vocalist Domenic Seita (ex-Tombs, ex-Asea), drummer Pete Angevine of Satanized and second drummer Vinny Signorelli (Unsane, ex-Swans)

Hail to massive sludge riffs! Hail to kicking floor tom beats! Hail to rooooaaaaring vocals! Harvey Milk's epic sound is more than good. It's next level shit. The slow hammering riffs are like a brain surgery without sedation, as they rewrite the recipe for sludge doom metal, and reshape it into something that seems to be simple and easy, but is far from being just that. Their ear for detail is a pure orgastic experience as they put fun into sludge metal, like with their psychotic deliverings of Velvet Underground and the Beatles, but never allow it to truly emerge, leaving you ragged and exhausted but with a true spirit of life.

Weird occult rock that founds inspiration in acts such as Black Sabbath and Jefferson Airplane. It is heavy, slow doom folkrock that is even more intriguing due to the singer's hippie 70s sound.

SUNDAY 27 MAY, 2012
DOORS: 19h30 - FIRST BAND: 20h00

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[27/05/12] SLEEP + A STORM OF LIGHT + HARVEY MILK @Antwerpen
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