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 [28/05/12] SHELLAC + SLEEPY SUN + HELEN MONEY @ Antwerpen

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PostSubject: [28/05/12] SHELLAC + SLEEPY SUN + HELEN MONEY @ Antwerpen   22/5/2012, 22:33

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Noise punk band Shellac needs no introduction. This band, formed by Steve Albini, Bob Weston and Todd Trainer, has earned a place in the history of music with their 'amelodic' sound, characterized by unusual time signatures, atypical song structures and a lack of arrangements. A thundering bass grounds the songs, while the drums and cymbals are being abused and pummeled like a one-armed man in a hobo fight. Monotone vocals shout/sing/spit/speak bitingly sarcastic and awkward, humorous lyrics that estrange the listener even more and confronts him with his expectations. Shellac did more than just play with musical conventions. They showed that what most people conceive as the rules of making good music, is nothing more than a convention made by people, and thus can be changed easily.

With their heads in the Seventies' cloud and their bodies in the here and now, Sleepy Sun captures the psychedelic rock vibe in an indie rock setting. Folky, floating vocals linger in a space of long guitar riffs that capture that desert hot, simmering sun feel.

Whoever thought a cello was nothing more than a boring instrument that guys with wigs used to write melodies for should quickly have a listen to Helen Money, the solo project of Alison Chesley (who arranged strings for Anthrax, Mono, Russian Circles, Broken Social Scene etcetera). The way she can play that huge instrument with an arsenal of effects pedals and amplifier fuzz is just mind-blowing. From soft drones or classical minimalism to feedback-drowned sonic assaults on mind and body… Helen Money produces it all. Dark horror tales seem to be the story line of the menacing sounds that that big wooden beast whispers creepily in your ears. Helen Money understands as no other the huger spectrum and possibilities of her instrument.

MONDAY 28 MAY, 2012
DOORS: 19h30 - FIRST BAND: 20h00

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[28/05/12] SHELLAC + SLEEPY SUN + HELEN MONEY @ Antwerpen
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